Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Have I Been Forgotten?

I know everyone thought I was being such a baby when I talked about how busy things were gonna be for me in my last post...Well, I was right! :p  It's been insane around here...Things are finally settling down a little bit :)  The bachelorette party fun is this Saturday and I can't freakin wait to be lounging by a pool, sipping an adult beverage, & relaxing...I swear I will return refreshed and ready to blog until I have annoyed the hell out of you ;) 


  1. We still think you are being a baby. Someone who takes her blogging seriously would do without sleep rather than not blog.

    Me? I like my sleep.

  2. @Doug, I love my sleep...So we'll be babies together k?

  3. I haven't forgotten you. I haven't been around much myself.