Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm Out Of Adderall

Consider yourself warned...This could get really out of hand...lol...Don't fret though, I'll be able to get my prescription tomorrow :)  Now you're probably thinking, "Great, the day she's not medicated, she decides to post something."...Well duh, if I had taken my medicine this morning, I'd be working right now...AND I wouldn't have just eaten a 6 piece nugget, french fries, red beans and rice, and a biscuit from Popeyes...I deserve to be miserably full....

Anyway, my next couple of weeks are so busy...I'm participating again this year in Relay For Life...It's basically a walk to raise awareness of cancer and of course to raise $$ for the American Cancer Society...(Thank you Asha for your donation)...I'm not technically the team captain, but have been acting as such because I tend to take control of projects like this...Our team captain is my boss, she doesn't mind this at all...In fact, I'm sure she's come to expect and appreciate it...My 2 big projects were making and keeping track of all of our Raffle Tickets and money collected from selling & working with my husband to design our TShirt for the night of Relay to sell to our team members and thankfully, other employees not participating...I sold 43 shirts!...I'm no salesman either...I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but it is...to me...lol...This week we have a Team Captain's Meeting...And next week we turn all our donations in Tuesday and Relay is Friday...To be honest, I'll be glad when it over...lol

I really am looking forward to the weekend after Relay...A friend of mine is throwing a bachelorette party  for her friend from high school...I've only met her once, but I'm invited...I think it'll be a much needed break...We have a couple rooms reserved at a casino hotel, so we get to hang at the pool all day Saturday...honestly, that's really what I'm looking forward to...I could care less about the 'party' and fake penis paraphernalia...The weather better be good damnit!


  1. Just be glad you don't get awful side effects like mine when you miss a dose!

    (I was having "brain zaps"...where you feel like someone is running electricity through your brain every few seconds...for several weeks after discontinuing...still having them yuck!)

    I love hanging out at the pool! I just can't wait til our neighborhood pool opens...Then there's the Six Flags amusement park which is close to our house, we have season passes, OH YEA!! I love roller coasters.

    Thank you for following me back :) although this would not make sense if we were walking...because if one person were following the other....they'd have to be behind them....so the other person couldn't really follow them....but it works online. Geez my brain is completely random right now.

    I also wanted to say, don't get discouraged after 5 years....it's taken me a full 6 for a 4 year degree. I had to go part time for a while, and I'm just finishing. It's a lot of hard work, but 5 years is nothing to get discouraged about. And my finally finishing after 6 is definitely nothing to be jealous of!! (well, except I get that piece of paper worth tens of thousands of dollars....)

    And it's not that bad. I could follow your post. lol...

  2. I always wear my big girl panties.

  3. I have never worn big girl panties.

  4. @Ashley, Brain Zaps???...Holy Crap!

    @Mrs. Tuna, I'm learning :)

    @Doug, You should, they won't be as restricting as the little girl panties...Give 'em a try :P

  5. I'm not familiar with Adderall.

    I've never done any kind of race or event for anything except the one attempt at donating blood. Mostly I prefer to give money because I've really got more than I need most of the time, and racing might kill me.

  6. I was considering taking drugs, but then I saw the picture of the pool and sunshine and got distracted. Which means I might have ADHD. So maybe I do need drugs...

  7. @Chanel, Adderall is for ADHD...It basically keeps my mind focused...My work production is SOOO much better when I take it...lol

    Also, I think the word Relay is misleading...lol...I will not be racing anybody or anything...lol..I will, however, walk my non-running butt around the track as much as I can...unless someone is chasing me, then I may run...

    @Gini, lol...In all fairness, I think that picture should distract anyone...How relaxing and peaceful does that look??

  8. A girl's weekend away for a Bachelorette Party where you really aren't in any way emotionally tied to the Bachelorette! Sweet Gig!

  9. If only I would remember to take my medicine...I'm so horrible about taking it and then it doesn't help because I haven't taken it.

  10. Sorry I'm so late to read this. You're welcome for the donation. You helped out Milan so I figured it was the least I could do.
    I hope everything turned out okay with Relay for Life and the baachlorette party.

  11. I LOVE the pictures you pick to go with your posts. Sooo perfect. Big girl panties--I have mine on LOL!

  12. @Heather, You're right about that!! I can't wait...A day to myself sounds heavenly!

    @Melissa, I'm a creature of habit, so once I made it part of my morning routine, I don't forget...Thank goodness...lol

    @Asha, No problem girlie...I haven't been around much to be honest...Relay For Life turned out great...I just had no idea how much work was involved planning everything...I'm glad it's over!...lol

    @Elizabeth, Thanks Girlie :) Sometimes it takes more time for me to choose the images than it does to write the actual blog...lol