Saturday, March 26, 2011

What's For Dinner??

I remember before I was a wife and a mother....(did I really just say that??)...anyway...I do remember then...I ate what I wanted...when I required zero planning...and quite frankly...I miss that...I miss when cooking was fun...It doesn't feel fun anymore...only because I have to do it...Yes, I'm that type...anything I have to do...I spite :)  So let me set the scene for's 4:25pm...I get off work at office phone's my's the conversation verbatim:

Me:        Hellooooo
Him:       Hey Baby, What are you doing?
Me:        Just getting my stuff together, ready to get out of's been a long day
Him:       So, what are we grubbin on tonight?

There's really no need to transcribe the rest of the conversation because I'm positive my tone becomes snippy...Like I've been sitting at my desk all day planning a delicious meal to prepare after I've worked an 8 hour day...Is he wrong to ask what we're having for dinner?  Absolutely Not...Because if anyone knows my husband they know that if at this point I said I have no idea, help me...he would in a second...Unfortunately...I am not built this way...I feel like I'm not giving 100% to my wife and mother (here we go again with that) duties I'm failing somehow...So in that situation I stress myself to come up with an idea of a great meal to please everyone...This ALWAYS requires a stop at Kroger because of course I don't have anything I need at home to cook whatever I've decided on...So after the groceries are purchased...and Brodie is picked up from school...we get home and I'm scrambling to entertain a 3 year old...feed him something completely different than I've planned originally because it's already after 6pm at this point...begin cooking the AMAZING meal I decided on...give Brodie a bath...get him ready for bed...After Brodie goes to bed...I finish cooking and we get to sit down to eat...and I am mentally and physically exhausted...And all I can think is....Something has to change...As much as I hate that I'm expected to prepare meals because I am a woman...I don't expect my husband to do it...(it makes no sense, I know)...In reality I know that I cannot have Alice from the Brady Bunch live with our family to take care of the housework and cooking...How awesome would that be though??

So, I had to come up with something more realistic to not only make things easier on me, but to also take the resentment out of cooking...To make it enjoyable again...I've tried this numerous times before...Usually by cooking big meals on the weekend to eat on during the week as well...But let's be honest...How many times in a week can you expect your husband and son to eat black eyed peas and rice before they get sick of it...I noticed a few of my Facebook friends would talk about planning weekly menus...I thought that was an amazing idea...but in the past when I half-assed tried to do this...I got menu planning block because I didn't feel like I had enough recipes...I felt like I was cooking the same things over and over and over again...I guess at this point I should tell you that I am pretty picky...So, even when I browse online for recipes...a lot of them contain ingredients that I don't like...So, immediately they're out....I think the fact that I don't like cheese limits me a lot...Yes you just read that....I don't like cheese...I'm glad we got that out there...I guess I was finally in the right frame of mind to look for new things to cook and compiled a pretty good start to a list of new recipes...From there I printed a template for a weekly menu and shopping list...I planned that first week's menu and I can't even tell you how less stressful that week was! 

Believe me, I know how incredibly stupid that sounds...but to not have to worry about What's for Dinner made evenings so much better for me...Now, instead of making several trips to the grocery store during the week...I've been going once...How awesome is that??

So, the moral to the story is...well there is no moral...but I must end this rambling because it's time for my weekly trip to the grocery store :)


  1. It sounds to me that you are stuck between who you are and who you think you are supposed to be. With so many items on the grocery store shelves nowadays there is no need to make things from scratch. Hell, buy a box of pasta roni. Add a meat and a vegetable and VIOLA! Seriously, I tend to look at the recipes on, well, everything. Even canned goods have recipes on them...usually on the back of the label.
    PArt of me wants to say, "I'm sorry you don't like cheese." lol I freaking LOVE cheese! I still eat slice cheese as a snack just like a little kid.
    Good luck with you menu, Katie! :)

  2. So true...because who I am is LAZY when I get off of guess I just feel that sense of responsibility to take care of the typical 'women' things...I know it's don't have to tell don't be fooled...I'm down for chicken nuggets and macaroni & cheese out of the microwave (I know...I said I don't like cheese, but I do like Kraft Macaroni & ongoing debate between me and my I think the reason the menu thing has been working out so well for me is because I'm a planner...I stress when I don't have a plan...even if it's something as simple as what's for dinner...Holy Shit...I'm more neurotic than I thought...