Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Terrible 2's?...Yeah Right!

Whoever said it was Terrible 2's is a liar...I am convinced daily, it's the Terrible 3's...My husband and I joked through the 2's about our Sour-Patch Kid...You know Sour one second, Sweet the next

Before I start my rant about my mornings this week...I'd like to make it clear to whoever is reading this that I love my son more than life itself...But, I can't wait for this phase to be OVER...I really don't remember the circumstances of my frustration Monday morning...but in my defense, I wasn't feeling well...Yesterday morning I got Brodie up after I finished getting ready for work...This is typically how our school/work mornings go...I like to be dressed and everything before I get him out of bed...9 times out of 10 we are running late...Brodie is a sleeper...So am I...He could sleep for 12 hours, wake up and just hang out in his bed and be content....So, what's the problem right??...The problem is that he's so hard headed strong-willed...and 3...that if he's not down for getting dressed, or sitting on the potty, or having his hair brushed, or brushing his teeth, or walking to the car, or watching Pinky Dinky Do, there is a MAJOR melt-down brewing...

Yesterday, the feul for the fire was the potty...Yes, my son is 3 and is not completely potty trained...He normally does a great job with the whole potty thing...he loves putting stickers on the chart...and having Mom clap and sing ridiculous songs...Oh, but not yesterday...When I got him out of bed, I noticed he was still dry....YAY!!!...(Maybe I should have made a bigger deal about that with him...hmmmm)...Anyway, my mind says...he's definitely gotta pee...

So I say...
Me        Come on Buddy, let go sit on the potty
Me        Really?!
Him       No Potty!  No Potty!  Nooooo Potttyyyy!!
Me        Don't you need to pee pee??
Him       NO Pee Pee!!
Me        Brodie, I know you need to pee pee...If you don't sit on the potty,  you'll end up pee peeing in your pants, and you'll be all wet..Let's just go try...Real Quick!
Him       NO Potty!!

Now, not only is his refusual to use the potty frustrating me...But, throughout the ENTIRE course of the morning, he's whining...There are no letters to describe that most annoying sound...Now, normally, when he tells me he doesn't need to potty...I do listen...But, I just KNEW he had to!!...I'm so afraid of making the potty a bad experience...because I just envision my 16 year old son in his Pull-Up...I knew for sure once he settled down he would wet himself...Just a side note here...Not only is Brodie hard headed strong-willed...he is extremely tender-hearted...It hurts his feelings if he thinks you're mad at him...He get's this honestly though, I'm the exact same way...So, after I manage to get him dressed and in the car...I'm buckling his seatbelt and looks at me and says, "Hug." He wants to make up...He doesn't want me to be mad at him...Of course I give a hug...well, a couple...When we were about halfway to daycare, he said, "Momma, I happy :)"  I have no words for

My husband & I talked about the incident last night...I told him I take responsibility for the most part...Don't get me wrong...He shouldn't act like that...Ever...Again....But I think the whole problem is because I get him out of bed and immediately am trying to get him dressed and out the door...I told my husband last night, I have to start getting up earlier and I'm gonna have to get him up earlier, so if he wants to sit down and drink some juice he can...So, I set my alarm clock for 6am...We're going to have a nice smooth morning...Right?

WRONG....Well, let me start by saying I did not get out of bed at 6am...Bad Momma...Which means, as usual, I'm rushing him along and he is fighting me tooth and nail...By the way...his meltdown started so immediately this morning...I didn't even attempt the potty...Instead of the No Potty screaming...this morning it was No Get Dressed!  No Shoes On!  No School!  No Pictures!  (He had Spring Pictures Today)  Unlike yesterday, we were on better terms before we left the house...I really don't mind having a hard headed strong-willed child...I just wish it was possible to reason with him as a 3 year old...

PS....I WILL be OUT OF BED at 6am tomorrow!
PPS..I need to get my eyebrows waxed....


  1. Thanks for stopping by :)

    I need my eyebrows waxed, too! Going tomorrow, taking the baby even if she cries!

  2. Ugh - I can relate. The 2nd year was easy. The 3rd year on is a NIGHTMARE! Hang tough momma!
    Debbie from

  3. @Kristen...Thanks for stopping by too!

    @Debbie...I'm SOOO glad someone can relate to this!! As dumb as it sounds, it's

  4. LOL! I love this post AND your awesome blog ;) 3's are definitely a step far above 2's ;0)

  5. I have a 3 year old too! With it comes sentences, opinions, defiance...(oh wait, we had some of that at 2!) Potty training sucks. I wish he would just one day, I don't want to wear diapers anymore....

    I'm a new followe! Look forward to reading!

  6. I have a three year old and your sounds like an angel compared to mine lol.