Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday's Just Sayin'

Well, look who's not being a quitter...That would be me!....Right here!!....I know I warned you last week that the 1st installment of Friday's Just Sayin could possibly be the last, but I'm not good at failing...So, I was determined to try again....In preparation, I thought of different topics throughout the week...So, here goes nothing!

1.  Last weekend was a lot of fun...I know I mentioned that I wanted to skip my birthday party & baseball game obligations to park it on the couch to eat trash and watch trash on TV, but I did not :) My husband was busy working on the house we he (let's be honest, I don't do manual labor) is renovating, so Brodie and I got to hang out...We went to the birthday party...He only had 1 minor meltdown (he's having a really hard time understanding that everything in the world does not belong to him...I'm really working hard on this...I do not want my kid to be a brat)...After the birthday party, we went to have lunch at Burger King, which is not a normal thing because my husband worries about him eating fried food...I think in moderation, it's not that big of a deal...He hugged me about 5 times while we were in the booth and said "I happy." :)  After lunch, we made our way to the baseball game...A great day...As a result of spending the day outside, I got my first sunburn of the season...Just on my shoulders, chest, & top of back (tank top sunburn)....Now, I itch like crazy because I didn't moisturize...I can't stop scratching...I probably look like I have fleas or don't have fleas...Just Sayin'

2.  I haven't fix my hair all week...I mean, it's clean and brushed and all, but it's been tied in a knot on top of my head all week...No straightening, no curling, nothing....It's a process to fix my hair...It's long, thick, and has a natural curl to it that makes it frizzy...The weather here has been Bipolar...One day would be a good day for straight hair...the next would be a good day for curly hair...So, to simplify my life, I've been choosing the bun...Good for all days....Yes, I'm lazy...Just Sayin'

3.  When I wake up in the morning, I am grumpy...I have always been this way...I need some time to adjust to the fact that I'm not sleeping anymore...99.9% of the time I feel like I haven't gotten enough sleep and I want to go back to sleep, which makes me even grumpier...My husband, on the other hand, opens his eyes and is ready to start the day...I don't understand how someone can be peppy 5.2 seconds after they wake up...He's in denial about my grumpiness in the morning...Anytime I've made the comment that I'm grumpy in the morning and just want to be left alone, he says "No you're not." **sigh**  Yes. I. Am.  Just Sayin'

4.  I am surprised to realize how judgemental people are...Yes, my child goes to daycare...He's been in daycare since he was 7 weeks old...I work full-time...My husband is self employed....I don't work so I can shop at my leisure, I work to contribute to my family...I admire women who stay home with their children...It just pisses me off when people feel the need to say that my son is being raised at daycare...The last time I checked, I was his mother and my husband was his father, and we are raising him...Are the school teachers in elementary, middle, and high school raising your kids?  I didn't think so...Just Sayin'

5.  Thanks to Thundercat's blog Tuesday...I can't get this frickin image out of my head....Her blog is beyond hilarious...Just a warning though, she has no shame and no Sayin'

Yay!!!  I did it!  Hope you enjoyed this week's installment of Friday's Just Sayin'...Until next time...


  1. Most people don't get that not everyone gives a shit what they think.
    GAH!! That's a face only a mother could

  2. cute. I especially agree with #4 on your list. sometimes people just don't understand that other people just don't have the financial ability to make different choices! Just sayin'...:-)Oh and p.s I think that daycare is a great place for a child to develop all kinds of important skills that nannies and stay at home moms can't always teach...

  3. I am not a morning person either. I can function I just need my space.

    I have worked in child care for the past 10 years and can say without reservation that it can be a wonderfully positive experience for children and that working parents should not feel guilty. Honestly take it from me your children are going to suck more of your time between the ages of 7-16 then between 1-5. They will need you to take them everywhere and because they have been in daycare and are extremely social they have a lot of places to go!!!!
    great job

  4. @Asha, So true...especially when that opinion is unsolicited...this argument has been presented to me at least 3 times...I don't feel like I have the right to judge a person's views on raising thier kids...I expect the same respect...Of course we all have our opinions on the subject...Just because those opinions are different doesn't make them wrong....And in everyone of those cases this has come up with me, I am informed how wrong I am...

    @mina, Thanks...I have to be clear on something though...I know that I said that I work to contribute to my family...I don't want to imply that financially I have no choice...To be honest, if I told my husband that I wanted to stay home, or if I lost my job tomorrow, we would not be in a financial crisis...I don't view my paycheck as the major contribution...The major contribution is that I carry all the health and dental insurance for my family...If I didn't work and we had to take out individual policies for what we have now, it would be outrageously expensive...The other major contribution I make is the security of my paycheck every other week...Like I said before, my husband is self-employed...There is no guarantee that he will make money this month...I can't handle that stress...Granted, my husband can make what I make in year, in a few months, but it's not guaranteed...And there have been instances throughout our marriage that he's been unable to work...So we were able to fall back on me...

    @MIWMom, Thank you :) I do have to admit there's always a level of guilt I feel, but in my heart, I know that I'm not hurting my son...I struggled with this decision for a long time while I was pregnant, but in the end I looked at the positives of daycare and our personal situation and decided to give it a go...It turns out that I found an amazing day care...and I wouldn't change a thing...I'm a product of daycare...I think I turned out ok :)

  5. Awwww! Hopefully you'll change your mind about your "I'm Just Saying!" I've been enjoying the hell out of them.

    Day Care Centers give me the creeps! When I was younger, I went to one and the lady there hated my guts! she treated me like the crap under her shoe. So what I flushed her birthcontrol pills..I was six! Sista can't make a mistake lol