Monday, April 11, 2011

I think HE'S part WOMAN....

I really hope I'm not the only one here....I really feel like my husband can act like more of a woman that I do sometimes!....I am very independent by nature....I was ready to get a job right when I turned 16 to make my own money, so I didn't have to ask my parents for money....I would even go to Walmart and buy my own shampoo and conditioner, makeup, razors....You get the point....I moved out of my parents house at 17 to go to college...I was able to graduate a semester early from high school, so I spent that semester working and saving money for the move, because I didn't plan to work when I started college....I wanted nothing more than to be on my own, taking care of my own shit....

Now, let's be clear here....there were times that I did have to call Mom & Dad because I needed help, but for the most part (and I think they'd tell you)...I took care of my stuff...And I loved it!....I don't have a history of a lot of boyfriends....In fact, the only other real boyfriend I ever had before my husband was the only other boyfriend I ever had...I dated around here and there, but I was more concerned with having fun and not tying myself down so young...When my husband and I first got together, he took a very manly role in our relationship....He wanted to make sure I was taken care all aspects....very different than my ex boyfriend....He was the perfect combination of considerate, romantic, masculine, etc....I didn't  mind allowing him to take care of me :)

I really feel like since Brodie was born (over 3 years ago)...He's changed a lot...He's become, for a lack of better words, needy....and at seems like he's insecure....It drives me INSANE....I know that people say new Daddy's go through an adjustment period because their wives are now focusing all of their attention on the new baby....I get this....but come the hell on....Brodie is 3....It's not like I ignore my husband...But sometimes I feel like he acts like a baby just for attention....This evening when he called me while I was on my way home from work, I was informed of a cut on his finger from hanging a metal sign....You wanna know that bad part?....Instead of feeling bad for his metal-cut (which is equivalent to a paper cut)....All I could think about was how much I didn't feel like listening to him bitch and moan about it....I'm Horrible, I know...This did come after and incident at lunch....I went to the nail shop on my lunch break to get my nails refilled and to get my uni brow waxed...(It had really been tooooo long....)  Anyway, I get back to my truck, where I accidentally left my phone...I have 2 missed calls from him and a text message that says "Fine, I didn't want to eat lunch with you either."  Really?!? 

I kindly called him....which he did not answer...then texted him back...Immediately after I sent the text, he called to tell me he was 'just joking'....he wasn't mad....Yeah. Frickin. Right.  I was not born yesterday....

I think it's now time for me to escape to the tub....Thank you for allowing me to rant :)  I feel better already....Well,


  1. I love your writing style! Anyway about the husband thing, I guess we take them for better or worse... My husband gets kinda babyish when he's sick. Look this way, if they didn't drive us crazy sometimes our blogs wouldn't be as interesting ( and funny)!

  2. Deeeep breaths, girl! Remember when you were a teenager and your mom told you girls matured faster than boys? Well, that's still happening...especially emotionally. Patience, grasshopper. ;)

  3. @Mina, Thank you :)
    @Asha, **Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep Breath** *Sigh* lol...All better...Here's to me practicing more patience!