Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Have Problems....

So this morning I'm running late...As usual...I know, you're shocked...After I drop Brodie off at Daycare, I go to several different cliet's offices to pick up/drop off whatever is going back and forth...So, I spend a good deal of my mornings driving...I've been doing this for several years, nothing new...About a month ago, they started working on the interstate...They closed the access onto I-10E that I normally use, so I've been having to backtrack to get back onto I-10E...This morning, there was a big wreck that caused the I-10 bridge to close...That really doesn't effect me because I don't go down I-10 that far, what does effect me is that all that traffic was being diverted to I-210...I'm listening to the traffic update on the radio, just learning about the accident that happend after the bridge was closed...It's right where I'm going...Great...Then I realize, while I've been paying so much attention to the radio, I've gotten onto the ramp that I use in EVENINGS to go HOME...Yep, I'm going the WRONG FREAKIN WAY...Now you say, Just get off the next exit and turn around...Sure, that next exit is 15 miles down the road.....I'm such a Moron...

If you've done the calculations in your head...I'm now traveling 30 pointless miles...I called my husband, just to make sure he knew how big of a moron I am...When I told him what I'd done, he cracked up...Ha. Freakin. Ha....I did end up laughing about it, because really what could I do?...We talked for about 10 of the first miles...then he said, "Well, I guess I see you in a few minutes..."  He thought I was gonna stop by the house???  I said, "Umm no, I'm not going home, I'm getting off the exit and turning around and getting back on I-10 (in the right direction)"  What in hell would I go home for? Let's recap:

#1      I started this morning already late
#2      I've added roughly 30 minutes to my drive (on a morning I'm already late)
#3      I didn't forget anything at home
#4      WTF would I go home for?????

You will all be happy to know that I did make it to work...(where instead of working, I am writing this blog)...I did skip 2 of my stops...No biggie, they'll be there tomorrow....And hopefully I won't be late....yeah right...


  1. I don't know how you do it lmfao! I would have lost my mind because I hate driving period :(

  2. @Thundercat, I don't mind driving...as long as I'm going in the right freakin direction...lol

  3. I'm surprised you lived to tell the tale!

    Here's to going to the right way!

  4. Happened to have come across your blog...funny! This sort of thing has happened to me in the past, usually due to lack of sleep! At least you made it in the end!
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