Sunday, April 3, 2011


I'm a creature of habit...I like schedules...I like plans...I'm really not all that spontaneous...I usually enjoy the spontaneity once I'm into it...but quite frankly when something unexpected comes up, I'm immediately irritated...(I know I sound like such a B right now...I'm not  Once I accept it and work it into whatever my original plan was....I'm good...and 99.9% of the time I enjoy the hell out of it....

So, Sundays in my household usually consist of cooking, laundry, and hanging out at home...I'm a homebody...I really enjoy being home...there are times that I get cabin fever and want to get out and do something fun though...Sometimes on Sundays we'll make a trip to see my father-in-law...he lives about an hour away...we usually spend the whole day there, so I have to plan laundry day for Saturday (I told you I was compulsive)...

As much as I hate doing laundry...I don't want my husband to touch my clothes...there's no telling how that would turn out!...I do love when my mother-in-law comes over to watch Brodie for us, because usually when we return, she's done all the laundry...(this used to make me feel uneasy because #1 She doesn't fold things the way I do & #2 It wasn't Sunday)...You'll be proud to know that I've gotten over those used to even refold anything she folded...Now, I'm so excited that I don't have to do it, the folding doesn't bother me...(There is hope for me yet....)

On a sentimental note...I want to thank everyone who takes the time to read my nonsense...I never knew how good it would feel to share whatever was on my brain in a blog...It reminds me of when I used to keep a journal...I also LOVE the feedback and comments...Hopefully, I don't bore the hell out of you :)


  1. I love this. I was just doing laundry before I sat down to check your blog LOL!

  2. I'm down with doing laundry, it's vacuuming and mopping I can't stand. Wish we could just tradsies - you do my floors and I do your laundry. I'd fold anything anyway you wanted!

  3. My husband has ruined more clothes. He is banned from the washer and dryer...BANNED, I tell you, BANNED!!

  4. Hi Katie

    Saw your comment on my post 'Baby Brain' - thank you and so glad you can relate. I'm a planner too but to my husband's dismay I don't often plan laundry - luckily he does but he has ruined quite a few of my clothes so I pay for my laundry-aversion! I love your little pics especially the label with 'or let your wife do it..' as I wish my dry clean only items had this label on them instead I inevitably pull them out mangled. Will be following and looking forward to more honest and fun posts from you, Nicole

  5. @tatty, I shouldn't have made it sound like the only housework I hate is laundry...because the thing I hate more than laundry is sweeping/mopping floors :p lol...

    @Asha, It was probably his plan...I bet he loves being banned from laundry...Hell, I'd love being banned from laundry too...

    @wideeyedgirl, Thanks for visiting :) Hopefully, I can continue to keep everyone a little bit entertained!

  6. The crazy thing is, I woke up an hour early so I could do my laundry! Dammit I hate it with a passion!

  7. @Thundercat, Laundry interfering with sleep? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!