Sunday, April 17, 2011

Still a Rookie

So, I'm trying to not come off as such a rookie here in the blogosphere...Yesterday I spent the better part of my day looking for a different template that I loved...because what screams Rookie more than the standard Blogger template....I did find one that I think is pretty awesome...but of course once I loaded it, I felt like I needed to tweak a few things...Let's be clear here...Even though I did major in Computer Science for one semester in college....and even though I do understand the concept of HTML coding...I'm not very good at it...which is why I only majored in Computer Science one semester...Trust me, if I had been good at it, I would have loved to have been a computer geek...

One of my philosophies in life is, if you don't know something, Google it...It usually works for me....whether I need directions somewhere, or to learn how to cook something...well yesterday, I was trying to use Google to teach me what I didn't remember from my computer science classes...Apparently, I have more patience than I give myself credit for because, when I looked at the clock, it was almost 4:30pm....

I wasn't completely satisfied with it...Imagine that...At this point, I can't figure out how to add buttons to my sidebar...(Thundercat listed me as one of her Feature Bloggers and there's a button and everything!...I just can't figure out how to get that b@#!% on my page...I also was introduced to SITS by Making it Work Mom and want to add that button too)....I turned to my trusty teacher Google this morning for some education, but it seems that people only wanted to know how to do this before Blogger changed the Design options...There's no option for me to add a page element...WTF...

For the most part, I do like the new look :)  What do ya'll think?  OOOOOHHHHHH!!  I almost forgot to share this...

For my loyal readers (you think I have those? If you read I Think He's Part Woman you will appreciate this...This morning my husband was pouting because there was no hanky panky last night...He was being a DB...I wasn't down...So anyway, while I was telling him it wasn't my fault he said..."I know...I'm like a woman, you just have to deal with it" ....I literally cracked up laughing and said..."I'm dealing, trust me..." LMAO...just a side note, he doesn't read this blog....which makes the comment even greater!!

I hope everyone has a Fabulous Day!...BTW...We were supposed to be out of town today for a birthday party, but it got cancelled last minute last night because the birthday boy and his daddy were throwing up with fever....I was bummed and all because I was going to get to see a friend of mine that I haven't seen in probably 8 or 9 years....But, there is good in everything...Because I was planning (yes, you all know I'm neurotic) to be gone today, I switched laundry day to yesterday!....Know what that means???...NO LAUNDRY FOR ME TODAY!!! :D


  1. Your template looks great. I have one of those generic templates of which you speak. Back in the day of Myspace, I put a lot of time and effort into my background etc, etc. Now I just don't bother.
    Great job on rocking yours!!

  2. Love the new look! Sorry I am no help with the practicality of all the bits and pieces. I am sure if you couldn't figure it out with what you know and did then there is nothing I can do for you!
    And lucky you a day without laundry!

  3. maybe blogger has widgets that allows you to add buttons and other things to your side panels. or you can do a google search to look for some 3rd party apps that will allow you to cope the code.

    if all else fails, you may have to learn some basic coding so you can edit your css..although i'm not sure blogger allows you to do that. i know when i started with my platform, i had to (re)teach myself how to do some basic coding to get my site exactly how i wanted it to look. it took some time and some serious brain-racking but i finally managed to remember how to edit css code.

  4. I like the layout too...

    It takes time to get the hang of things. Sometimes I still feel like a rookie and I've literally been blogging since 2000. And um, I "hired" a friend to create my layout so...

  5. @Asha, Thanks...I think what got me was browsing different blogs and I came across 3 that looked like

    @MIWMom, Thanks :) And by the way, I spoke too soon on the laundry thing yesterday...It was a bad day in the potty training world...I ended up with 2 loads of pee pee

    @Kathy, Thanks...Blogger does allow you to edit the CSS...I was able to modify the font, font size and colors....just not able to figure out that sidebar stuff...One day, maybe I'll figure it all out...who knows :)

    @Gini, Blogging since 2000, Nope girl, you are not a knows, maybe one day I'll be cool like you and have my very own layout :)

  6. I like the template. But have you ever considered adding a few stick figures?