Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday's Just Sayin'

Well, hello there...It's been a pretty busy blogging fun for me...I need to play catch up this weekend for sure :)  Just a warning...I didn't brainstorm this edition of Friday's Just Sayin', it could suck....Just Sayin'

1.  This edition of Friday's Just Sayin' is being brought to you from the comfort of my home!...That's right...No work today :)  There's nothing better than a 3 day weekend huh?...Yes there is!...A 4 day weekend!....Just Sayin'

Happy Dance
2.  I just told my 3 year old son that the living room was a mess...His toys are spread from one end of my living room to the other....To my surprise, the kid started cleaning it up...This is not a figment of my imagination...This shit really's amazes me everyday....Just Sayin'

3.  Brodie took Spring Pictures a couple weeks ago at school...These pictures usually don't come out well...I can't imagine taking that many pictures of that many kids in a morning...I would probably need a happy pill when I picked him up from school, the proofs were there...His pictures are precious!...And not just 'That's my kid, every picture is precious'...these are actually good pictures of him...I'm so excited to order these...I may even end up sending them out to family like I'm supposed to....Just Sayin'

4.  We wear uniform shirts at work...I wear mine with black or khaki pants...Over the past year in a half I have finally lost 'the baby weight' which has totalled to over 50 pounds....It's about frickin time, seeing as how Brodie is, my work clothes are not fitted...It seems that anytime I wear regular clothes to work...clothes that fit me....The weight loss is noticed more...Yesterday, I was told to go eat a biscuit...Really?...Maybe I should get work clothes that fit better so I don't feel like such a freak show when I wear regular clothes...Just Sayin'

5.  It's frickin hard to find stick figure pictures to correspond to my Just Sayin' topics...So Doug, your ass better be reading this post....Just Sayin'

And there you have it folks!...Another edition under my belt...Hope everyone enjoys their weekend...We get to go to a Crawfish Boil tomorrow, which I am super excited about...The Easter Bunny will be dropping off some cool stuff for Brodie...So, I'm guessing it should be a pretty good one for us :)


  1. I hope you enjoyed your day off. Me I am glad today is the last day of Spring Break! Just Saying!!!

  2. My baby is almost 3 and I still say baby weight.

    Love the stick figures. You could always draw them. ;)

  3. Hope you are enjoying this 3 day weekend!
    I never had to lose baby weight, I was fortunate like that...BUT I am now having to lose the "I discovered food is really good and I wanna eat it all the time" weight.